Find leaks FAST!

Features and Benefits:

  • Detect leaks before they become bigger problems
  • Save money by detecting leaks before costly water damage is caused
  • Helps keep MOLD away by alerting to its major cause – water
  • Water Alarm can be placed wherever there is a risk of water damage
  • Loud 110 db alarm can be heard throughout house
  • Sensor detects as little as 1/32” of water
  • Includes 6’ of sensor wire for remote monitoring; wire can be extended to over 100’

Minimize the risk of water damage!

Accidents happen…
• Water heaters leak
• Washing machines overflow
• Laundry tubs clog and spill over
• Water pipes break

You can detect leaks before they become bigger problems by placing a Water Alarm wherever there is a risk of water damage… In the:
• Utility room • Kitchen • Bathroom • Basement

Dependable protection
Solid state circuitry is extremely sensitive and dependable

Extended life
Alarm will sound up to 3 days. Battery will last 24 – 48 months

Small profile
Compact 4-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 3-1/4” case fits in almost any space

Includes 6’ of wire for remote monitoring (the sensor wire can be extended over 100 feet by simply splicing in 24 gauge wire)

Easy to use
Install a 9V battery (not included) and place the alarm on the floor, or hang the alarm and extend the 6’ sensor to the floor, into the sump pit, or anywhere you need to keep dry

Place in a variety of locations:
• In a sump pit
• Near water heaters
• By refrigerators
• Next to dishwashers
• Beside washing machines
• Under sinks
• Close to air conditioners

Water alarm graphic house

Simple Set-up

Operating Instructions

Set-up is a snap!
Install the battery into the water alarm and place or mount the water alarm wherever you feel necessary

Installing the battery:
You may want to mark the battery expiration date on a piece of tape and attach it to the alarm as a reminder to replace it when needed.

    • Remove the cover on the battery compartment located on the right side of the alarm
    • Extend the wires and snap a 9-volt onto the connector.
    • Place the battery back in the compartment
    • Replace cover

Water alarm Install battery

Positioning the sensor:
• The sensor is located on the bottom of the alarm
• The alarm can be placed directly on the floor with the sensor compartment closed, or the sensor compartment can be opened and the sensor wires extended to reach a sump pit another remote location. The alarm can be hung on a nail or screw in the wall with the sensor extended, and the sensor can be secured in place through the holes in the sensor panel. Six (6) feet of wire are attached to the sensor, but up to 100 feet can be spliced into the line.

Water Alarm sensor location

Replacing the battery:

Replace the battery if the alarm has operated for an extended period of time, or if the battery expiration date is approaching.