Plant Light Setup Quick Set-up Instructions

More detailed operating instructions can be found in your Growers Guide included with you Ingelligent Plant Light™

1. Insert the plant light stem and controller assembly into the slot in the base

2. Plug the power adapter into a 115 VAC outlet

3. Select the season you want by pressing the button on the controller until your selection lights up

4. Adjust the height of the stem to accommodate your plant

5. Insert the soil moisture sensor into the soil of the plant


Additional Operating Instructions

Setting the seasonal timer

The computer chip in the TLC plant light has been programmed to simulate the changing daylight cycle of the seasons. Once set, the days will get longer in the spring and shorter in the fall, etc. Because day length varies at different latitudes, we chose 35° N latitude for the optimum day length for blooming and non-blooming plants. Cities that are at 35° N latitude include Charlotte, NC; Memphis, TN; and Las Vegas, NV.

The first time you plug the TLC plant light into an outlet, the lamp will come on and the cycle will begin as if it was December 2lst at sunrise (7:23 AM). The winter indicator light will be lit. You may leave it at this setting or select another season. The automatic timer will continuously change the day length year round. It even adjusts for leap year every four years.

Should you decide to start the cycle in another season, just push the button on the panel. Each time the button is pressed the seasonal timer and indicator light will change depending on the season you pick. When the lamp turns on, the timer will be set to sunrise for the first day of that season, then it will continue to change the length of the days as the seasons progress.

What happens to the lamp when it is unplugged or the power fails? The TLC lamp loses track of the day and the time. When you reconnect the lamp, you can reset it to the first day of any season just by pushing the button and selecting the season you want. If you’d like to be closer to the actual day, let the timer continue until the actual first day of the next season, then just push the button to match the season.

For example, should your power go off on May 11th, reset the season indicator to spring. The day length will be similar to the shut off date. On June 21st press the button once and the season will advance to summer. Even though the seasonal timer is not perfectly aligned to the actual date, these changes should not effect the growth of your plant.

Some plants may prefer the same amount of light exposure every day. The timer also can be set so that your plant receives 13 hours of light each day instead of varying amounts of light. Hold in the button on the panel for about five seconds. The season light will turn off. When you let go, the summer light should start to blink indicating that every day your plant will be receiving 13 hours of light. When the light is unplugged and plugged in again, it will reset itself to the seasonal cycles.

Adjusting the intensity of the light

The stem on the TLC plant light can be extended from 7” to 14” high. The intensity of the light increases dramatically the closer it is placed to the plant. When the lamp is 2” away from the plant, it is receiving the equivalent of bright light. At 4” it is receiving medium light, and at 6” the light is considered low. Many potted plants have light requirement labels. Use these guidelines for setting the height of the lamp. For additional information, refer to the details on specific plants that are included later in this manual.

Installing the moisture sensor

The soil moisture sensor will measure the amount of water in the soil of your plant. The depth of the sensor rods can determine how often you should water your plant. When fully pressed into the soil, the sensor will react when the soil is completely dry. Use this method for cactus, succulents and other plants that need to dry out between watering. When the sensor is inserted only half way into the soil, it is only measuring the top inch of soil. This top layer dries out first. So, if your plant requires a moist soil, only insert the sensor half way. When the plant needs to be watered, an indicator light will flash next to “water me” on the controller. After the plant has been watered, the indicator light will turn off until the plant needs watering again.

Your TLC plant light is now set and ready to help you grow beautiful plants!