Features and Benefits


  • Grow plants successfully… violets, green plants, herbs, orchids, seedlings, cactus
  • The Intelligent Plant Light™ automatically turns on and off, simulating nature’s clock… summer, fall, winter, spring
  • Set the season once and the internal computer begins the daylight cycle
  • Plants think they are in their natural environment and thrive
  • Accommodates up to a 14″ tall plant in a 5-1/2″ pot
  • Pebbled base holds water for extra humidity, and keeps the pot from sitting in water
  • 9 watt full spectrum florescent lamp duplicates the sun’s rays for optimum growth
  • Sensor indicates when the plant needs water


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Intelligent Plant Light With Potted Plant


Don’t think you have room for grow lights and a humidifier for your plants?

Think again…

Winner of the Mailorder Gardening Association’s 2000 Green Thumb award, this compact Intelligent Plant Light is the answer to all of your indoor gardening needs! Plug the light in, and the 9 watt full spectrum fluorescent lamp turns on and off automatically, with daylength in cycle with the seasons. The telescoping stem adjusts to fit plants 7″ to 14″tall. And unlike most fluorescent shop lights, this plant light has a built in moisture sensor that reminds you when it’s time to water. Just insert the water sensor in the soil, and a flashing light lets you know when the soil is dry. The pebbled base holds a 5 1/2″ pot, and serves as a combination catch basin/humidity tray to create the right moisture balance for your plant.

Plant light PanelSeasonal timer
• The TLC plant light has an automatic timer built into the controller
• Turns the light on and off everyday simulating the changing length of days with the passing seasons
• Simply plug-in light will turn itself on and off each day, year after year
• The plant thinks it’s outdoors and thrive

Plant Light ExtendedTelescoping stem

The telescoping stem on the TLC plant light is adjustable from 7” to 14” high
• Grow very small plants or larger plants up to 12” tall
• Allows you to position the lamp closer or farther away from the plant to control the light intensity
• Ability to grow plants that need high, medium or low light

– At 2” away from the plant, it is receiving the equivalent of bright light
– At 4” it is receiving medium lighting
– At 6” the light is considered low

Plant-light-9-watt-florecent-light-resizedFull spectrum 9-watt fluorescent lamp

• The TLC plant light uses a full spectrum 9-watt fluorescent lamp

• This custom-designed lamp emits a mixture of light waves that simulate the light of the sun

• Plants respond to this solar light and grow rich green leaves, healthy stems and flowers

• When it’s time to replace the bulb, use the Timely Lighting Care 9-Watt Replacement Lamp

Plant Light Soil Moisture SensorSoil moisture sensor

• There is a soil moisture sensor included with the TLC plant light
• When it is inserted in the soil, it will indicate when it is time to water the plant
• Light will flash next to the words “water me” on the controller
• The depth of the sensor rods can determine how often you should water your plant

– When fully pressed into the soil, the sensor will indicate when the soil is completely dry
– When inserted only half way, the sensor is measuring only the top inch of soil
– If your plant requires more consistent moisture, insert the sensor half way into the soil

Plant light baseWater-retaining base

• The base of the TLC plant light catches the excess water that drains through the plant after watering
• Creates a humid microclimate that is beneficial to the plant as the water evaporates
• Pebbled base is designed to keep the plant above the water so that the roots will not rot
• Will accommodate a pot up to 5½” in diameter.

The combination of these features in The Intelligent Plant Light TM will enable you to grow potted plants in any location. To better understand what plants need and how to grow them, please read the following tips for successful indoor gardening.

Grow orchids in an office
Grow orchids in an office

Grow fresh herbs in a kitchen
Grow fresh herbs in a kitchen

Simple Set-up

Plant Light Setup Quick Set-up Instructions

More detailed operating instructions can be found in your Growers Guide included with you Ingelligent Plant Light™

1. Insert the plant light stem and controller assembly into the slot in the base

2. Plug the power adapter into a 115 VAC outlet

3. Select the season you want by pressing the button on the controller until your selection lights up

4. Adjust the height of the stem to accommodate your plant

5. Insert the soil moisture sensor into the soil of the plant


Q. My plant light doesn’t come on in the morning it comes on in the afternoon and stays on after I go to bed.

A. The plant light will start its “day” when you plug it in, so if you plug it in during the afternoon, if will always start its cycle then. If you want the plant light to turn on in the morning, just disconnect the transformer from the wall and plug it in when you want it to turn on for the day.

Q. What is the warranty on the plant light and bulb?

A. Both have a 1-year warranty by Glentronics, Inc.

Q. Sometimes my plant light will just “turn off” and no lights will be on at all.

A. Check to make sure the transformer is firmly plugged into the wall. It is bulky and in some outlets it won’t make contact with the plug correctly. Try plugging the transformer into an extension cord and see if it helps.

Q. The “Water Me” light is never lit, sometimes the soil is dry but that light never goes on.

A. The moisture sensor can pick up moisture below the top soil so if you stick the probe deep, there may be moisture below the surface even though the topsoil is dry. If the type of plant you’re using the plant light with needs less moisture then stick the probe deep into the soil but if your plant needs more moisture then stick the probe just below the surface. To check the probe, simply remove it from the soil and see if the “Water Me” light goes on.

Q. My plant is growing very tall and I would like to extend the hood higher, is there any type of extender I can buy for my lamp?

A. At this time there is no extender you can purchase from Glentronics, Inc.

Q. I have seedling and I want to “force grow” them or I have a plant that needs a lot of light, what can I do?

A. To get 13 hours of light all the time, simply press the “season” button and hold until the summer light flashes, that will cancel the changing of the seasons and give you a constant 13 hours (summer) of light. In order to cancel this just unplug the light from the wall and start the cycles again.

Q. I think there is a problem with my plant light, how do I get it serviced?

A. Just call Glentronics, Inc. at 800-991-0466, option 3 and they’ll tell you how to proceed.

Q. Can I use a higher watt bulb with my plant light?

A. No, the bulb for the plant light is a 9-watt, 6400-Kelvin bulb that simulates sunlight and has a special base. It’s doubtful you’ll find one that fits in the plant light socket at your local store but it must be a 9-watt bulb.

Quick Reference

Growers Guide Quick Reference

Grow plants successfully. This reference sheet lists the best lighting and watering conditions, and optimal usage of fertilizer for common houseplants. Also see the Growers Guide included with your Intelligent Plant LightTM for further details.

Adiantum (Maidenhair fern)LowKeep moist, needs humidityEvery 2 weeks
Begonia Rex (King Begonia)LowKeep moist, drier in winterEvery 2 weeks, spring & summer
Cryptanthus (Earth-star)BrightSoak then let dry, needs humidityEvery 3-4 weeks in summer
Davallia canariensis (Rabbit’s foot fern)LowKeep moist, needs humidityEvery 2 weeks
Epipremnum aureum (Devil’s ivy)BrightSoak then let dry, needs humidityEvery 2-3 weeks, spring & summer
Fittonia (Snakeskin plant)MediumKeep moist, needs humidityOnce a month in summer
Gynura x. sarmentosa (Purple passion)Bright1-2 times per weekOnce a month
Hypoestes (Polka-dot plant)
Bright2-3 times per weekHalf strength every 2 weeks
Maranta leuconeura (Prayer plant)BrightKeep moist, needs humidityEvery 2 weeks spring & summer
Pellaea rotundifolia (Button fern)
MediumSoak then let dry, needs humidityOnce a week in summer
Peperomia caperata (Emerald ripple plant)MediumKeep moist, needs humidityOnce a month in summer
Peperomia obtusifolia (Baby rubber plant)
BrightSoak then let dry, needs humidityOnce a month in spring & summer
Pilea Cadierei (Aluminum plant)MediumSoak then let dry, needs humidityOnce a week in spring & summer
Saxifraga stolonifera (Strawberry geranium)Bright2-3 times per weekEvery 2 weeks in summer
Selaginella Martenssi (Resurrection plant)
LowKeep moistEvery 3 weeks, spring & summer
Senecio Rowleyanus (String of pearls)
BrightSoak then let dry between wateringOnce a month spring & summer
Soleirolia Soleirolii (Baby tears)
MediumKeep moist, needs humidityOnce a month spring & summer
Tolmiea Menziessi (Piggyback plant)
Medium2-3 times a weekEvery 2 weeks spring & summer