The Intelligent Plant Light Story

As told by owner and inventor, Alan Schulman… For over 30 years I have been an active gardener, both indoors and out. I’m always happiest when I have my hands in the dirt; either planting seeds, putting out annuals, or re-potting a houseplant.

Through years of trial and error, I’ve developed an understanding of what it takes to successfully grow a variety of indoor plants. While the rules are basic, actually growing a plant can be difficult. Friends have frequently asked, “How do you grow so many beautiful plants when mine die?” The difference is that I provide my plants with all their needs. They get the proper amount of light, water and fertilizer. I use a three-tiered light stand that has fluorescent lamps and special evaporative trays to surround the plants with moisture. While the method is very successful, it’s certainly overkill for most people.

However, I figured the theory should certainly work on a smaller scale. Why not create a small tabletop plant light that provides all of the necessities a plant needs to thrive? The result is Timely Lighting Care: The Intelligent Plant Light™. The following booklet describes both the light itself and tips for successfully growing a wide variety of plants.

My special thanks to those who have worked with me to make Timely Lighting Care™ a reality: Jim Oram, Don Oddo, Jeff Schulman, Eric Law, Stefanie Cohn, Patrick Hung, Ricky Wong, Tom Heidke, my wife, Barbara, and my friends from the garden club, The Gardeners of the North Shore.

Alan Schulman